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Ladies Guild

Ladies Guild

St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church Ladies Guild in Glendale harmoniously works in conjunction with the Clergy and the Board of Trustees for the betterment of our church. The Ladies Guild is an inseparable part of the church. With restored vigor, the ladies guild serves and respects our national and religious traditions. It gathers around them the faithful parishioners to promote an everlasting church. The Ladies Guild protects the rich Armenian traditions and heritage while promoting participation by our new generation in the spiritual, moral values of the church.

Events organized by the Ladies Guild of St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church

–         New Year and Christmas Boutique

–         St. Sarkis Breakfast and Tahin Bread preparation by the Ladies

–         Woman’s Day of Pray

–         Lent Luncheon

–         Palm Sunday – Sale of decorated candles by the Ladies

–         Easter Play trip

–         Ascension Gathering/luncheon

–         St. Mary’s Day – Blessing of Grapes

–         Trips to Missions in San Diego and Santa Barbara

–         Ladies membership meetings/lunches